Transformational Training

Appealing to the Unconscious Mind

Most training courses are designed as if rational and methodical presentations were what worked best. In fact it is the learner’s emotional well-being which determines how successful learning will be.

This one-day course will present models of classroom management that go way beyond the scope of normal instruction and show how to activate the reserve capacities of the brain.

The key elements examined will be:

This will be done on both the "macro" and "micro" levels. In the "macro" phase it is the enchainement of the activities, the changes in rhythm and intensity, the management of the group’s energy and the general atmosphere that will be noteworthy. In the "micro" phase the focus is on the psychological rationale behind each game.

Based on the Suggestopedic method of Dr. Georgi Lozanov, with components of other alternative approaches, this seminar redefines both teaching and learning and considerably widens the scope of what training is.

The atmosphere will be intense, playful and energetic. There will be clear distinctions between the demonstration and explanation phases of the day, much as in a school play where the actors’ dialogue with the pupils takes place after the play rather than during it. This day should be an eye-opener for many.


Creating a Deeper Sense of Community

The Insides and Outsides of Games

A New Lease on Life

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