Central to the success or failure of accelerated learning is the teacher. The whole suggestopedic system rests on her or him. At the outset s/he is the medium through which everything passes. It is through the teacher's own energy, ability to channel the students' energies, and vision of the staggering possibilities that exist in developing human potential and learning capacities - a vision gained through the teacher's own experience or through the observation of suggestopedic classes conducted by other teachers - that s/he will impart to students an image of what they can become.

The teacher is no mere bearer of knowledge; s/he is the architect of an environment in which students constantly inspire each other through the creativity they share and continually amaze themselves with their newly discovered capacities. The teacher's task is to bring about a tension-free and joyful atmosphere, where everything is taught, simultaneously, in its entirety and in its constituent elements, hence complying with the functioning of our mental processes. As described above, these processes are the result of an inseparable link between the conscious analytical functions of the mind and the unconscious synthetic ones.