The Essence of Learning

A 3-day workshop

This workshop is about you and your students, about new ways of teaching and about another vision of the impact you can have.

This journey of discovery will explore ways of making students become more intelligent in your presence. It will suggest ways of transmitting the force of life you carry within yourself to inspire others. It will look at ways of establishing a connection of unconditional intensity between you and your learners that will let everything they do in their later lives mirror the faith you have had in them in. This is about another kind of learning.

The aims of this workshop are:

This introductory Suggestopedia workshop will take the form of fast-moving activities and games that offer you new perspectives, develop the accuracy of your intuition and split-second judgment, and take you to places inside yourself where teachers can always find inner strength and creative resources.

We will explore, and acquire skill in, using games, music, role play, story telling and humour to correspond to the real structure of the human memory. We will see the nuts and bolts of successful classroom management that reassures the subconscious mind. We will look at different learning styles. And, hopefully, we’ll have a lot of fun while we’re at it


Creating a Deeper Sense of Community

The Insides and Outsides of Games

A New Lease on Life

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