Learning as a Healing Process

A 1-day sampler

Just as the body’s natural healing mechanisms are often interfered with by overzealous doctors who over prescribe, so is the natural tendency of learners to assimilate often hampered by well meaning teachers who over-structure knowledge and just don’t know when to get out of the way. People learn naturally…but only in order to feel better about the world around them or about themselves. Learning is a healing process.

This workshop will give you concrete ways of building a psychologically safe environment where in-depth understanding, creativity and envisioning can flourish. You will learn ways of asking questions that put other people in contact with their own deepest thoughts, you will take in Indirect Correction techniques that actually enhance your students’ (or colleagues) self-image and you will master ways of directing people’s thoughts towards trust-based telepathic channels with you.

This Suggestopedic workshop may be disconcerting: it will redefine responsibility, turn on its head the traditional notion of communication and show how to work with life instead of against it.


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