Suggestopedia – The Art of Making Every Minute Unforgettable…

A 1-day sampler

This workshop will be a real delight to "hands on" people who think ideas are fine but need to experience them in action to really appreciate them.

The entire philosophy of Suggestopedia will be demonstrated through quick-moving games that just flow out of each other; these will later be analysed in detail – once we have something concrete to explore!

Using an Intermediate English Language text as a starting point, participants will see how many unforgettable activities it is possible to invent once pedagogical objectives are clear.

In Suggestopedia, the objectives are to give all information positive emotional content and present it indirectly, in order for it to gain access to long-term memory.

Come and see what this looks like in practice! Discover a revolutionary form of classroom management! And begin to help people really learn how to learn!


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