Suggestopedic French lesson with Swedish teenagers

- a four-minute demonstration of some of the moments

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  • working with the text
  • activating vocabulary
  • group game with ball
  • grammar games
  • a song
  • vocabulary games
  • peripheral posters
  • students' reactions
  • relaxation concert-reading
  • the importance of fun

Suggestopedia - activating the student's reserve capacities

- a 45-minute discussion and demonstration of what it looks like in practice

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  • Nothing succeeds like succeess
  • The cycle
  • The room
  • A new identity
  • Active concert-reading
  • Decoding
  • Jokes
  • Activation
  • Building acitivies
  • Encouraging expression
  • Overcoming inhibitions
  • Working on several planes at once
  • Directing a meeting
  • Well-being leads to learning
  • The teacher as a resource person
  • Singing and miming a song
  • Relaxed concert-reading
  • Summary

La Suggestopédie - l'autre manière d'apprendre

- une application de la suggestopédie à l'apprentissage du droit fiscal, dans un contexte français professionel

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Le contentu:
  • Introduction
  • Les ballons
  • Lecture sur Mozart
  • Les mots marquants
  • Les blancs d'un texte
  • Papiers roses et bleus
  • Les papiers verts
  • Lecture et requiem
  • Quelques explications
  • Conclusion