The Transformation of Self

Learning to Thrive on Change

Many people live their lives as prisoners trapped behind invisible bars. They may want to free themselves from forces they have never seen, but feel paralysed by them. For themselves, this inability to move is a source of frustration; for everyone else, including work colleagues and employers, the inability to evolve can be a real nightmare.

This one-day workshop will take participants on a journey into a clarification of values: a journey that will reveal the degree to which people can be captives of other people’s expectations - and even the extent to which many of us are really living out someone else’s life for them.

Through a gentle parable about being forced to let go, and then being reborn in another form, a framework is set up for distinguishing between what is deep in us and what is superficial. Within this framework, a series of penetrating questions is broached in small groups, the group-leader putting topics into a specific perspective which explains the mysterious and gives meaning to the incomprehensible.

Tight management of time will prevent the workshop from getting bogged down in overly psychological concerns. Topics will be dealt with responsibly and openly, but the premise behind this workshop is that seeds will be sown that will take root and blossom later.

This course will be ideal for groups where the participants either are already a harmonious group or simply do not know each other at all: trust and respect will allow personal details to be shared in safety.

The basic format of this seminar may be more traditional than the others on offer and the rhythm may be slower, as the emphasis will be on deep process as opposed to the assimilation of new concepts and skills.


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