Suggestopedia: A New Lease on Life

A five-day program in English

Don't you think it would be fun to teach people how to learn thereby enabling them to take charge of their own lives? With Suggestopedic teaching, that's exactly what happens!

Based on well established scientific research on the mind and its memories, this workshop will show you how to recognise and stimulate untapped resources in your learners and share this ability with them. This expanded awareness on your part will enable you to mobilise enthusiasm, channel creativity and present information so that it is unforgettable.

This five-day educational program, is for instructors of all subjects who wish to increase the effectiveness of their teaching, bringing their attitude and practices into line with what we now know about the human brain.

This program will transfer, to participants, the skills necessary for the "behind the scenes" management of classes where learners are successful. More specifically, teachers will learn how to

This course will be a succession of games and other communicative activities that draw upon music and other arts, thereby modelling the Suggestopedic approach.

It will be of interest to anyone in the field of education, or in a learning organisation, who must communicate with others in ways that are fulfilling and empowering. It will be of interest to parents whose vocation it is to instil, in their children, positive self-esteem.


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A New Lease on Life

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