Transformational Communication

Getting Through to where it Matters

Most communications courses are based on a false premise, that it is the speaker who is in control when, actually, it is the listener who is calling the shots. Faced with this dilemma, many decision-makers resort to bulldozing their ideas through, but usually to the detriment of real communication and, as they will soon discover, at the expense of effective future support.

This one-day course on the management of people will examine three key elements to success:

We will discover procedures to create an environment where people feel safe enough to invest their intelligence and energy without fear of ridicule. These will include:

Based on recent discoveries of how mind and memory really work, this course –for people needing to communicate effectively – draws on some of the core ideas of Suggestopedia, and in particular the determining role of suggestion in any learning and communicative situation.

The atmosphere will be relaxed, stimulating and theatrical, activities will be fast-moving and varied, and an undercurrent of good humour, creativity, enthusiasm and curiosity will fuel forward this day of transformation.


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