Talking Teaching Hainan Daily

- a 45-minute film of Lonny's keynote presentation at the Symposium de langues in March 2010 in Sierre/Siders, Valais/Wallis, Switzerland

- a 4-minute film-clip of Lonny teaching a Suggestopedic French class with teenagers

The whole of Lonny's 45-minute film on this web-site: "Suggestopedia - activitating the student's reserve capacities"

La Suggestopédie - l'autre manière d'apprendre
- une application de la suggestopédie à l'apprentissage du droit fiscal, dans un contexte français professionel

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Photo Gallery - Hainan, China, February 2010


Two articles:
The ABC of Suggestopedia

Suggestopedia - the Bottom Line

Posters for Suggestopedic Teacher Training
- texts in French