Learning in a State of Grace

A 1-day sampler

Have many times in your life have you been 100% present wherever you were - and experienced the power you have when all of you is in just that one place? On how many occasions have you really met another human being without allowing projections and the memories of others to debase the purity and intensity of your contact? And how often have you allowed all the channels of your perception to open up and mobilise your attention into flow state awareness where very little effort can bring you extraordinary insights and outstanding efficiency?

This workshop is about states of grace - those moments of sublime harmony where you can see into people and things in a way that marks you - and them - forever. It’s about the moments that precede falling in love, changing the course of your life or of realising what your overriding purpose is. It’s about a process of consciousness that lets all experience just naturally etch itself into whatever you are.

Through a series of quick-moving activities designed to sharpen your perception and develop your intuition through real encounters, it is hoped that you will catch a glimpse of what a learning environment could be like and how much fun it can be to become yourself with other people there as loving witnesses.


Creating a Deeper Sense of Community

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A New Lease on Life

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