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Emmy's Verdant Caps - Gefle Flowery Ornaments - Bradley Chancery

Three font families provide drop caps inspired by the illuminated capitals of mediaeval times. The letters and their leafy ornament have been separated so that you can use them on different layers - six different versions of each alphabet give dozens of variations on these

Edwards Uncial

Caps & ornaments from the Swedish countryside, forest and mountains: Emmy's Verdant Caps 1910 and Emmy's Decorations 1910

Two fonts based on Emmy Biberg's book decorations, inspired by the vegetation special for this northern country - Birch, Wild-Strawberry, Lingonberry - but also the more widely-known Oak, Harebell, Bleeding Heart and others.

The presentation includes a rather exciting video ...

Gefle Flowery Ornaments 1908 - 1

- a first selection from a Swedish Art Nouveau type-catalogue from 100 years ago: watch out, too, for some very stylish text fonts coming soon!

Tiger Caps for Vendela

Tiger Caps for Vendela

Tiger stripes and paw-tracks on a bedrock of Giovambattista Bodoni's fat capitals made even fatter for this project: regular and bold weights, two and three layers to allow for parti-coloured treatment.

Shaw Decorated Capitals 1

- a suite of six new versions, allowing for a variety of 2D & 3D effects using multiple layers.

Bradley Chancery:

Bradley Chancery

- a new font in the humanistic tradition to make the everyday a bit more elegant, with a swash variant for special stylish beginnings and endings; regular and bold weights. Drawn by Richard J. Bradley

Edward's Uncial 1904:

- it's 100 years since Edward Johnston proposed the two mediaeval styles uncial and half-uncial to reintroduce handwriting as an enjoyable experience of beauty - calligraphy. Here his hand-written forms are adapted for print and screen, and extended for other languages; there are swash forms of beginning capitals and final small letters: and ornaments coming in a separate font soon!

Sonnet Script

- drawn by Rick Bradley, inspired by the Welsh artist and poet David Jones.

Albrecht Fraktur:

Bradley Chancery

- in his 1538 book of measurement, Albrecht Dürer gave clear descriptions and drawings about the proportions of the letters in both Roman and 'fraktur' alphabets (from Latin 'fractura', broken). Here is a complete font, with a few characters modernised and some gaps filled.
Not quite so NEW any more...

Ida's Floodles
(= Flower Doodles!)

Rick's Pen Ornaments

David's Luttrell Psalter illuminated capitals

- the reclaiming of one baby that got thrown out with the bath water in today's technological revolution - the good aspects of yesterday's ways of doing things, how things that work well can also be beautiful and feel good, how a rich variety of different skills can illuminate one another, how the arts can achieve amazing effects on the way people behave, how musical and artistic harmony can be a model for human harmony ...

David Kettlewell uses his experience as a harper, renaissance musicologist and conductor to illuminate his work with text and type. As his early inspirations, he quotes poring over facsimiles of Books of Hours, singing from renaissance music manuscripts, and an old and dog-eared Letraset catalogue that was his constant companion.

"We're anyway surrounded by an awful lot of stuff we've written, and it doesn't take much more time to make sure that it's something you feel good looking at, and it makes the quality of life so much greater."

David's work with digital type started with the enchanted discovery of the programme Fontographer hidden away inside the Freehand Graphic Studio, and has lately been delighted to progress to the empowering world surrounding its successor, FontLab Studio.

Richard Bradley, already an established name in the world of fonts (Bradley Hand, Calligraphic Ornaments, Fine Hand, Bible Hand in the Linotype, ITC and Letraset catalogues), encouraged David to publish his own work and to develop digitally Rick's new paper designs; and so New Renaissance Fonts was formed.

Karin Skoglund draws, paints, knits and sews the whole time without stopping to think about it, what comes out is just part of her personality, not a separate activity, and the children do the same.

Anders Rosén is a traditional folk fiddler who has an independent record company, Hurv, the first in Sweden. He made his illuminated and decorated capitals for the cover of a double-LP documenting in sound and words the history of the Swedish folk-dance polska, which shares its history with the polonaise.

Ida Michaelsson comes originally from the wild mountain-forest of Gålsjö in the fjord county of Ångermanland, northern Sweden, now she lives in the northern university city of Umeå where she plays the saxophone, dances and sings; she says her drawings come direct from her feelings without passing through her brain, although the outside observer might perhaps notice an element of influence from the mediaeval church of Ytterlennes, where she has been a guide.

Dagmar Veraksits painted some very beautiful illuminated capitals; like Anders, she considered that she was only copying an older tradition; but like the mediæval scribes and icon painters she nevertheless created something intensely personal and of great beauty.

The emphasis in New Renaissance Fonts is on original calligraphic and decorative fonts, firmly rooted in the Renaissance tradition of hand-measured beauty and human balance, but completely up to date for today's needs. The initial designs are by Rick, David and others in his circle, while the creation of the digital fonts is done by David. Here are examples of these fonts in use, as well as two dozen fonts for free download, at least as long as they're still not quite ready for commercial release: as a complement to this site, the Fontografia web-site provides stories and hints about ways of using fonts, ways of making fonts, ways of enjoying fonts.

We would be very pleased if you would download this package of 32 of David's fonts for free, try them out, and let us know if they work for you; and if possible send a screen-shot or a PDF to show how you've used them.

Two batches of four fonts each has been released at MyFonts - a lovely democratic organisation, a visit there is always a delightful experience - and it's a condition that we don't make them available cheaper elsewhere, so those eight are no longer available for free download here.

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David Kettlewell
Karin Skoglund
Dagmar Veraksits
Anders Rosén

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