Albrecht Fraktur

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This font only has capital letters: you can switch to another font if you want to mix these with small letters. The basis is these plain letters, the outlines were first drawn 200 years ago by an Italian called Giovambattista Bodoni: he made the letters a bit fatter than usual, and I made them a whole lot fatter still to make room for the tiger stripes.

There are two versions of the letters - 'regular’ and ‘bold’: in both of them the caps give you the tiger stripes, but:

  • in the regular one the edges are bit thinner
  • the tiger stripes go down to the feet
  • the numbers have tiger stripes
  • and the 'small letters' give you just the paw-tracks
  • in the bold one the edges of the stripey letters are a bit thicker
  • the feet don’t have any tiger stripe
  • and the 'small' letters and the numbers are plain, no stripes.

YOU CAN USE ONLY TIGER LETTERS IF YOU LIKE:   Or you can type mostly in plain letters and save the Tiger Letters for Something Special...  You can make the TIGER LETTERS bigger if you want to   Then you can use COLOURS if you like, either just for the TIGER LETTERS  or you can have the TIGER LETTERS black against a white background, like a white tiger, and the other letters in various different colours

Then the really neat thing is to use two different colours, one on top of the other, which works best when the letters are rather big:


If you want to see the tiger stripes, and have the paw-tracks in the same colour as the letter, you can put the stripey letter on top of the plain one:

If you want to see the tiger stripes, and the paw-tracks in a different colour, you can add them as an extra layer (regular font, small letters) - you can even offset them a bit for extra effect
If you want paw-tracks and no stripes, you have the plain letters as 'smalls' in the bold font, and the paw-tracks as 'smalls' in the regular font - they can be the same ecolours of different, and it doesn't matter which is on top:

You can have the letters light on a darker background, or dark on a lighter background.

Then you can can add 3D-effects like bevel and embossing.



When you write an e-mail, it doesn't work to use any special font in the message itself, unless the person you're writing to also has that font installed: but you can use it to write in a word-processing programme like Pages or Word, then you export it as a PDF file (you get one if you click on the left) & send it as an attachment to the e-mail message ...

And then it might be worth telling the person you send it to that they can zoooooom in and see the LETTERS AS BIG AS ANYTHING!!!