Ida comes originally from a fascinating background in the wild mountain-forest of Gålsjö in the fjord county of Ångermanland, northern Sweden , now she lives in the northern university city of Umeå where she plays the saxophone, dances and sings; she says her drawings come direct from her feelings without passing through her brain, although the outside observer might perhaps notice an element of influence from the mediaeval church of Ytterlennes, where she has been a guide.

Her Floodles (flower doodles) are made in two layers, the capital letters give the whole drawing in one colour, and if you like you can add some elements in another colour or with another effect by adding the lower case letter in another layer on top.

Download the font to try it here: and do let us know what you think!

Oh, and if you'd like to use Ida's coloured floodles as the desktop for your computer, you can download versions at 1680x1200 pixels here.

originals - black & white

originals - colour

font - black & white

AaBbCcDd etc.

font - two layers, colour