es, I made up this word (Gk. 'kefalaios' = 'capital'), at least until I find a better one, for a group of sentences which start each with a different letter of the alphabet and together give the whole repertoire.

OK, to say 'all the capital letters' it should be 'pankefalaiogram' - but isn't it enough as it is?

They're the natural way to demonstrate a set of capitals in their proper context. I've found three, but they're all in English and all have a rather heavy puritan-christian-moral tone. I've written more light-hearted ones myself in English, Latin and Swedish, I'll be glad to hear from anyone who has suggestions for alternatives. Or can even give a name to the genre ...

OK, I have found the terms 'alphabetic acrostic/on' and 'abcedarian/abecedarian poem': and Google found me some examples from other cultural backgrounds; though I'm not sure I'm quite ready to present my type work to the world in a text that starts 'A is for Asshole ...' So for I think I'll stick with 'kefalaiogram' ;-)

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text from John de BeauChesne, London 1602
text from George Bickham, London 1733
text from George Bickham, London 1733

DK 2006
(Latin) DK 2006
(Swedish) Edwin Gold & DK 2006