There's a long tradition of filling letters with leafy ornaments, from the Middle Ages on. The question is how do you get the living, multi-coloured, 3D effect which the old manuscripts have, with a single-colour 2D computer font?! Here's one solution, inspired by a modernised version of some mediaeval capitals: three family members, using the upper and lower case spaces for diferent versions, giving six variants.

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- four fonts, one colour - six styles

- one font, one colour - 30 different ways of making a bevel

- bold font - basic characters - four effects

- regular font - basic characters - four effects

- italic font - upper-case, lower-case - four effects

- a close-up view of one letter with four 3D effects

- an 'alphomegon',
each letter used in turn as a drop cap for a phrase of text

basic characters - all fonts

all characters - one font

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