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f you're faced with a suggestion that you or your organisation should have a home-page on the World-Wide Web, and you're not quite sure what it's all about -

Here's the place to start...

 Why should we have a web-site?
 What is a computer?
 What is a web-site?

... with thanks, for suggestions and developing ideas, to

Örjan Wallin (Nordingrå)
Kjell Persson (Härnösand)
Dagmar Veraksits
Dale Johnson (Univ. of Michigan)
Keith Bryant
Beverly Voth
Knud Haugmark
Janet Parris (N. Carolina)
Phil Shapiro
(Washington DC)
Karin Skoglund

Author & web-weaver - David Kettlewell
Musica Humana, Ångermanland
Mid-Sweden University & Tartu University, Estland

adapted from a piece originally written for the managers of a group of mediaeval churches in the North of Sweden
'New Renaissance' web-site
Host - Institute of Baltic Studies - Tartu - Estonia