The concomitant, "other side of the coin" impression students are left with is how highly structured and well organized the course must be in order for them to have so much freedom in the class and yet systematically cover all the material necessary to go on to the next dialogue after six hours.

The key to the suggestopedic teacher's role is the suggestopedic teacher's personality. The distant closeness, supportiveness, and authority common to most suggestopedic teachers is somewhat similar to the reassuring professional bedside manner that is the trait of most physicians. Her or his mastery of second-plane, "subliminal communication" is often the result of theatrical training and includes the conscious use of certain voice intonations, rhythm, facial expressions, gestures, and body language, all intended to create a climate of confidence and childlike receptiveness favorable to accelerative learning.

The suggestopedic teacher's role as initiator or facilitator  is only possible to the extent that s/he conveys to the students that s/he too is in training - constant and permanent training and evolution - and that this is the common bond s/he shares with them.