The teacher's aim is to bring into existence a "magical" environment: a theatre for a new quality of interaction, involving all facets of the students' personality. This new environment is designed to enable students to experience and express their creative curiosity, using this as a healthy driving force to learn and achieve.

The teacher is a semi-visible catalyst in the group dynamic in which s/he is the "prime mover"; s/he is "semi-visible" in that the group, highly involved in its own learning process, can never entirely appreciate the role s/he plays nor the extent to which s/he is present. The teacher is continually providing the group with the information and help it requires to go on "independently" with its activities.

The teacher must be so much in control of the programme that, outside of the grammar and concert sessions, s/he juggles the material, constantly tailoring it to meet the immediate needs of the group, in the form and in the order the students ask for it. While such flexibility is extremely demanding of the teacher, it is the price to be paid for that all-important and decisive feeling the students have that it is their needs, curiosity, and process of shared discovery that have determined the course of their language-learning experience.