What a difference a Mac made!

midsummer night shift

I'd always been a person who felt that computers were a kind of dehumanising influence, with their nonsense NewSpeak and their incomprehensible numbers... when things are awkward it's so easy to blame things on the unsympathetic technology, it's so easy for people to let machines to take over so they forget what their hands are for ...

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My reaction was to find out all about old traditional crafts and skills, and explore which could still be meaningful in a modern society, to learn them and practice them and teach them to others... It wasn't all that unusual for me to bake 50 loaves of bread one day, and watch them disappear in a few hours at a market the next day...

Then my friend Dale told me how a word processor would make my writing so much easier: my friend Robert showed me how friendly and intuitive the Macintosh operative system was: my friend Keith showed me how to use my first program - and now a few years later I'm spending all the hours there are on multimedia presentations to enhance humanistic education...

You can even produce audio CDs of professional quality, too ...

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'What a difference a Mac made'