Autumn Gallery
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WHERE do you start?!

Photoshop 5, FreeHand, PageMaker, Fontographer, Acrobat - they all do such amazing things, if you can cope with the complexity, and the anxiety of choice...



Someone in Florida saw my first attempts at fonts on the Web, seemed to think I was an expert, and wrote to ask if I would make one for her based on some logo drawings.

I did what I thought was a rough sketch, and the collage on the left is what Photoshop did with it on my Mac.

Then she sent me the 3-D version they did with my sketch,
so I guess it worked well enough for them...

Then Dagmar wrote a few words and drew a little flower, and we started to make a font of that - we did an 'x', a 'y', an 'l', no idea what we could use them for - but they happen to spell 'luxury' in Swedish.

And this is what Photoshop 5 did with that font...

Since then I've done proper fonts, of course ...
It's strange - fonts is perhaps what I do least of with the Mac, and I only have one small web-site about them, but I think it's the topic that I get most feedback from, especially for the little tutorial I wrote to help people get started, since Macromedia didn't cater for them very well ...

Desktop pictures, anyone? Dagmar doesn't have lots of files littering her desktop like I do, and she walks past this clock whenever she's in the centre of Tallinn, and loves to have it as her working background, too ...

Then there's the greeting card art, the multimedia CD-ROM for the mediaeval churches, my first vector graphics featuring words-within- words ... and here are a few tasters of my most recent work in Flash format, mostly using Adobe's LiveMotion.

Roll the mouse over the these images to see the animation in a new tiny window, and close it again to continue:


Ytterlennes Old Church - CD-ROM

designs for CD-covers

'What a difference a Mac made'