Mediaeval churches on the www


I had the good fortune to be asked to play the organ for the three mediaeval churches in my home area during the summer of 1998 - an experience as delightful as it was unexpected, and it has continued up to now.

One of the churches has always been a dear love, and a major part of the influence in my rose-painting: so the opportunity to do live presentations telling the church's story with part-singing and harp-playing, together with Karin - who first introduced me to the church - and Janet - with whom I've been on many musical and personal explorations - was something not to be missed.

It was a rather natural step to put together all these influences and my current preoccupation with computer-multimedia, and suggest a web-site, and perhaps a multimedia presentation, to show the churches. The seeds of the idea fell on fertile ground, and the work is well under way - though it will last a good while, too, and will see the light of day in various distinct stages.

The first was a portrait gallery of Three mediaeval churches on the www.

The second was a CD-ROM presenting the Old Church of Ytterlennes.