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Book of fables

Wimberg-girl with blue plaits

- girl with blue plaits

Ivan Krylov-wolf and cat

Ivan Krylov
- wolf and cat

Ivan Krylov-oracle

Ivan Krylov
- oracle

Jean de la Fontaine-women and secret

Jean de la Fontaine
- women and secret

Lev Tolstoi-stork, fish and crayfish

Lev Tolstoi
- stork, fish and crayfish

Jean de la Fontaine-wolf and dog

Jean de la Fontaine
- wolf and dog

Ivan Krylov-lion and fox

Ivan Krylov
- lion and fox

Aisopos-eagle and crow

- eagle and crow

Ivan Krylov-elephant and pug

Ivan Krylov
- elephant and pug

Ivan Krylov-fire and coppice

Ivan Krylov
- fire and coppice