There's a special fascination about tips and points, farthest out, highest up. If - like me - you have to be 'highest up' as well as 'farthest out', perhaps you're better off in Norway than Denmark: but even flat Jutland has its 'farthest out', and the northern tip of Skagen is a very special place, where the turmoil of the meeting currents of the Kattegat in the east and the Skagerrak in the north produces a unique sand-bar far out in the water.

links to the Skagen painters

The Skagen group of artists in the 1890s made Skagen rather well-known by their very special view of the light:

Skagen Sunset - 360K

and when Kjell Persson was there recently he captured much of the same spirit, as he followed a sunset with his camera.

I was inspired to'animate' his photos; and here's the result: click on the picture to download the presentation. You need the free iShell runtime program to view it, for Mac or for Windows: if you already have a copy, it may be enough with the licence for this this presentation, which is included in it.

In its turn iShell uses Apple's free QuickTime technology on both Mac and Windows platforms - something you use for far more than this presentation, of course...

The file is compressed in zip format:
on a Mac this will open with

StuffIt Expander 5

iShell Runtime:

Mac - 360K
Windows - 475K


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