Nothing succeeds like success!

Suggestopedia holds that the starting point in all learning is the student's deep-rooted attitude to the subject matter and to her/himself. By creating a pleasant, relaxing, and stimulating environment, where all information has a positive emotional content, the teacher can help students to create networks of pleasurable associations with the new material and thus to remember it longer. (E.g. learning the Present Simple tense through paying compliments to each other: "I love your beige shoes," "You always dress beautifully," etc.).

In recalling the enjoyable classroom situation - and people love hearkening back to situations where they felt good - the key phrases and expressions used or heard will, in all likelihood, spring to mind. Surprised by their newly discovered ability to remember spontaneously, students quickly develop more positive expectations of themselves and their learning capacities. Delighted by the ease with which they have mastered the subject matter, they will find their motivation and enthusiasm spiralling in accordance with the principle that "nothing succeeds like success."