The passive concert - 1 of 2

The "activation phase" of the text is followed by the "passive concert" of the same text - "passive" because this time the students will just listen.

The teacher dims the lights or draws the curtains so that the room is subdued and relaxing, with perhaps only a small table lamp on so that the teacher is able to read. The students put their chairs into a reclining position, sit back, and relax.

The teacher turns on the tape recorder that has been set up with baroque music, and lets it play for about five minutes. Under the influence of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, or one of their contemporaries. the students relax further, appearing to be passive. Their breathing and heartbeat slow down, the body temperature drops slightly, and the electrical rhythm of their brain waves changes. For the twenty minutes of the passive concert, the students find themselves in a pleasant intermediate state somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. This state, which Lozanov calls pseudo-passiveness is particularly conducive to learning.