David Kettlewell died, of heart disease, in April 2011. As he wished, this website is being maintained in memory of his ideas, and his influence on the people he met and taught. All contact details containing his name are null and void, of course, but further details on any of the pages can be obtained from his brother p.kettlewell@skynet.be. Throughout, texts have been left in the present tense, as he wrote them.

A revolution in the world of harp-making has meant that now everyone can afford a quality instrument

  • there are a score of factories making harps in the one city of Sialkot, Pakistan: some people have spoken of quality problems with some manufacturers, but the ones I have and show here are from Mid-East Mfg. Co, and I judge them as being of excellent quality considering the price, both technically and musically: for some things I actually prefer the Pixie model in particular to my beloved companion of 30 years' standing, my hand-made Gildas Jaffrennou harp, the one beside the hearth here
  • these harps are offered at prices from US $45 (summer 2009) from web-sites such as Mid-East Mfg Co, and World Musical Instruments,
  • in Sweden www.folkharpa.se/ and Fredmans Musik offer prices from 400,- SKr.
  • you can buy one to explore your interest without having to invest a fortune
  • they're suitable for both adults and children
  • you can use them for music-making at home, playing alone, playing with others, folk music, early music, accompanying singing, music as a therapeutic experience

This presentation has been made by a harper who has a dream of a harp at every hearth, since for many people the harp is more friendly - ergonomically, acoustically, socially - than, for instance a recorder, violin or piano.

  • These web-movies play under QuickTime 7, which you can download free here; for those who can't download QuickTime (e.g. at work), there are also lower-quality versions of many of the clips in YouTube's 'Flash' format
  • There is a combined video- and computer-DVD version available with a total of 165 minutes of video and sound
  • You can have just the music on an audio-CD, 66 minutes
  • Each disc costs just 10 euros/100 SEK/$15/£8 inc. postage

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  • If you'd like just the sounds of the music as mp3 files, you can download or listen to these in your web-browser here