'A Harp at Every Hearth' on video-DVD and audio-CD

- 10 euros/100 SEK/$15/£8 each inc. postage

The discs have, of course, a very different sound and video quality from the highly-compressed files presented here on this web-site, though they're still not studio recording quality - for example, the harps were recorded directly by the video-camera's microphone.

Six different harps, many tracks in a 'band' context, with flutes, clarinets, accordion, guitar and bass.

You can hear the same material with just the sound as mp3 files here.

The DVD plays for a total 165 minutes, and includes

  • 102 minutes of music-video, all the 30 tracks that are here on this web-site, of which 8 tracks, 24 minutes, are duplicated, with both solo and band versions of the same pieces
  • 11 tracks with David's Gildas Jaffrenenou harp (in the photo here) from three other CDs (demo tracks here), in mp3 format, 63 minutes
  • the whole of this web-site to view off-line
  • possiblity of selecting tracks, or auto-playing everything in one sequence
  • choice of language, English or Swedish

Audio tracks played on the hand-made Gildas Jaffrennou harp pictured here, in mp3 format:

A Sonnett of Strings
- improvisations on Renaissance basses

  1. Thomas Morley, Alman
  2. Passe'mezo moderno
  3. Italian ground

In a cottage in a wood
- songs for learning English

  1. Kumbaya
  2. ABC song
  3. One man shall mow my meadow

Music for an historic church

  1. Alfonso el sabio, Rosa das rosas (13thC.)
  2. Claudin de Sermisy, Tant que vivray (16thC.)
  3. Thomas Bennet (?), Turn Amaryllis (c. 1600)
  4. anon, Såsom efter vattnet kalla (16th.C)
  5. Nicholas Lanneare, Though I am yong (17thC.)

to order, send an e-mail to David

The audio-CD includes 23 tracks, 66 minutes:
- 14 tracks on the harps from Pakistan:

  1. Pixie chromatic: anon, Cassandra
  2. Pixie diatonic: anon, Mr. Porter's Delight
  3. Heather: David Kettlewell, Vendela's Yule saga
  4. Heather: trad. The Dark Island
  5. Pixie diatonic: anon, Lady Sand's Delight
  6. Pixie chromatic: Scott Skinner, An Air
  7. Lily: trad., Tryggare kan ingen vara
  8. Lily: trad., My Bonnie
  9. Baby: anon, Linneas tune
  10. Pixie diatonic: improvising
  11. Pixie diatonic: checking tuning
  12. Heather: checking tuning
  13. Pixie chromatic: checking tuning
  14. Pixie chromatic: improvising

- and 9 tracks played on the hand-made Gildas Jaffrennou harp pictured here: same as the mp3 tracks on the DVD (listed on the left), but without the improvisations on Thomas Morley's Alman and the Italian Ground.

download as PDF: