Delightful font people

And there's such a lovely style among people working with type-faces, both in the letters they write and in the ReadMe files...

Here's a sample from a little extra free application called PC Font Access, which enables Mac users to adjust fonts they make for PCs ...
How do I use it?
The user interface is so simple that a child of six can do it. If you don't have a child of six, use two threes.
Only the File menu is active, and it has only three options:
You now have absolute control over your fonts, and you really don't have much of a safety net. If you incorrectly edit some fields which you don't completely understand, the font may become unusable: we have no way of bullet-proofing all the possible combinations of changes. In fact, there are a fair number of fields that we don't really know the purpose of, but since they exist, we gave you access to them. So for safety's sake, never overwrite your original font when saving the new files and be prepared to experiment and spend a lot of time reading hard.
What we don't know about PC Font Access sounds scary, doesn't it?
If I was able to write about all the stuff in PC Font Access which I do not understand and has not been tested, I would go on for another 10,000 characters. There are A LOT of fields to alter, mangle, distort, misrepresent, and in many other ways destroy such that your font becomes unusable.
work on a copy of your font.
delete your original font by saving the changes to the original file name.
know what you are doing when you change a field.
expect your changes to work! Well... maybe that's a little much. Just be aware that this is ALL new stuff and few if any third party applications have addressed even some of these capabilities. Some are going to be very useful... in a future OS. All we can say is that we have tested what little we could at the time this utility was created. The examples tried above are useful and work correctly in the intended applications. So, press on, find new and possibly valuable settings, and learn to enjoy living on the edge!