Scalable graphics - tête à tête - 1 of 2

I did a little logo to go with my article on 'I win - you win'.

It borrows something from the yin-yang symbol, something from the Macintosh logo, something from a 'dialogue' logo I did for Dagmar's mother, who's a psychologist.

Beverly in Texas said it would be nice to have it as a bitmap file, but if you do that, you get jagged edges at bigger sizes.

So I made a font of it, getting Fontographer to autotrace and smooth out the jaggies.

I could have evened it all out with round circles and smooth curves all the way... but I've never felt I was in control of those 'Bezier Control Points' which drawing programmes use - the curves always seem to me to do exactly what they want, and the handbooks I've got don't even attempt to say what they're supposed to do...