"What's it like in Sweden???"

I'm gradually putting together photos and other things to give an impression of what it's like in Sweden, and specially the part I know: Ångermanland - 'Fjord-man's Land' - in the North, where the forest meets the farming land.

Well, I say the North: it's 7 hours by car or train north of Stockholm, but it's still only half-way up...

You might think it would feel remote: but as they say in the far north, 'I guess Stockholm's OK, but it's not very central...'.

There are plenty cultural centres from prehistoric times around here; 1,000 years ago the major government centre for the whole of the North was here; 800 years ago churches were built every few miles; the first northern gymnasium and cathedral were located here, and nowadays you can find a university college, national archive centres, naval training, Sweden's training college for third-world workers, and a whole lot more.

Other tasks have come first for me , but here are a few items for now...

Music-making in a forest farmhouse:

Little Leaf Sea - David's farm:
what the place looks like

Little Leaf Sea - David's farm:
people doing things

Three mediaeval churches

A Swedish Pearl in the Baltic Crown
- The old Swedish island Runö in the Gulf of Riga

Artists in the 'High Coast' -
the land is still recovering from the last Ice Age, rising out of the sea a meter each century

Martin Jonsson

Artists and their pictures


A board game