Journeys in space and time

Many people in recent years have taken themselves off to far-away mountains or forests and brought back with them ideas of how to solve the problems they left behind them, equally illuminating whether they stem from the Buddha, Lao Tse or a Venezuelan forest tribe.

My personal journey has been along the other dimension - staying firmly rooted in the Western cultural tradition but making a similar journey, in time rather than space, finding practical wisdom and liberating ideas in the writings of teachers from times long-forgotten for most people. A lot of what was taught and thought in earlier times is well left behind us, but every 'yes' means a 'no' to its alternative, and there's a real risk of throwing the baby out with the bath water if we don't look carefully at what we reject in our strive for modernity and progress: this is a look at some valuable insights which each of us can use in our own way to help us in making sense of a demanding and constantly-changing world and in finding our own part to play in it.

This approach was developed in the work of the Society for Effective Affective Learning, SEAL: Lonny Gold introduced me at the Society's conferences at the Universities of Reading and Sussex in 1991, and that started me on an international round which included giving seminars and conference presentations in many places from Nizhny Novgorod in the East to Seattle in the West, and of being in on the setting up of SEAL Argentina in the South and of Sweden's sister organisation SOHL in the North...