Why address the subconscious? - 3 of 3

In her/his role of "perceptual engineer", a suggestopedic teacher will create a relaxing, fun-loving, and stimulating classroom atmosphere where students are generally more receptive and open, and then present course material in such a way that some aspects of it are readily perceptible strong stimuli, while other aspects of the same material are "embedded" weak stimuli.

It should perhaps be pointed out that effective use of subliminal communication is only possible in the suggestopedic classroom so long as its use reflects the teacher's appreciation of how indissolubly linked the "conscious" and "unconscious" minds are in the "whole personality", and consequently in the learning process. The teacher must understand how essential harmony is between, on the one hand, the verbal, rational, cognitive, analytical, critical, and volitional aspect of the personality, and on the other hand, the nonverbal, emotional, intuitive, synthetic, artistic and spontaneous aspect of the personality.

When, through the mastery of both planes of communication, a balance is struck such that all aspects of the overall personality of the student are being appealed to and stimulated, learning can be rewarding and the results impressive.

Perhaps the time has now come for a description of a suggestopedic course.