Why address the subconscious? - 1 of 3

Readers may by this time be wondering why so much trouble is being taken to "package," in a systematic manner, important material for the imperceptible, subsensorial, subliminal level of perception.

The imperceptible, subsensorial, subliminal level of communication is an equal partner in the learning process. It has its own specificity. In by-passing our conscious attention, data coming through this channel activates long term memory because it passes directly from the external world into our unconscious memory bank before percolating through to our consciousness where if will remain. These realisations, or intuitive flashes, come from within, often taking us by surprise. Many great scientific inventions are cases in point. Information perceived subliminally thus follows a trajectory unlike that of direct information. The latter passes through the filters of our conscious and rational mind, soliciting our attention and short-term memory, remaining at our disposal for about three days before starting to fade away, thereby making room for more recent input that must be dealt with.