- David's personal profile with music and movies

New Renaissance Fonts
- a new catalogue, featured designers, some new downloadable fonts
La Fontografia 2006
- new stimuli: mediaeval and renaissance models, new fonts from old masters, alternatives to Fontographer
yule 2003 La Fontografia 4
- the fascinating area where the computer can help us with handwriting and calligraphy
La Fontografia 3:
- a mediæval illuminated alphabet - how fonts work - designing a handwriting font - the magic of vector graphics

some of the creative possiblities of fonts in Photoshop

La fontografia 2:
dragons - handwriting - tête a tête
this was originally part of the PDF presentation David's Winter Gallery: it's still there, but now I've also included it in Fontografia 1

La Fontografia 1:
decorative fonts from a parchment manuscript, a Renaissance alphabet, Celtic calligraphy, a tutorial for the program, etc., etc.

Rational Fonts:
- too many fonts active in your system?
Here's a suggestion for rationalising them.

Fourteen new fonts...
- some are freeware, some are shareware; feel free to download any you would like to use.