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TrueType Reference Manual

neat overview - MyFonts.com

My own selection from Adobe's many fascinating and empowering pages -


Font formats (PostScript-Type 1-TrueType-OpenType)

PostScript vs. PDF - How do they differ?

Introduction to OpenType

OpenType User guide.pdf

Adobe Garamond Pro.pdf

Character Access charts - Mac - Windows

Type Topics

User Forums




TrueType and OpenType

Visual OpenType Layout Tool

Typography on the Web

Fascinating history of TrueType fonts

A brief history of TrueType fonts: Microsoft

TrueType typography at truetype.demon.co.uk

History of TrueType - MacKiDo

History of [TrueType] fonts - www.PrePressure.com

Other sources on the www:

Demystifying Curves - one of many inspiring tutorials in PDF from Canvas-makers Deneba

a friendly tutorial on drawing in AppleWorks, which you can also apply to other vector programmes

a delightful series of articles by Dmitry Kirsanov on the basics of design as art and science, including fonts, shape, the use of artwork, photography, and animation: you need good concentration skills to ignore all the advertising which surrounds the real content - curvilinear shapes - the world of fonts

Alex Dumestre, Pierre Bézier's Wonderful Curves: some background ... what is it? ... starting to demystify

a Java applet which demonstrates how a Bézier curve is drawn

and another bezier curve demo in Java by Mark Hoefer

an introduction to using bézier curves in PaintShop Pro

Darrel Plant, What's a Bézier Curve? - with an animated demonstration in Shockwave

Jim Felici - Craggy, jaggy screen type

Adobe suggests these books:

Donald M. Anderson, The Art of Written Forms; The Theory and Practice of Calligraphy, New York, 1969

Joseph Blumenthal, Art of the Printed Book 1455-1955, Boston

Walter Tracy, Letters of Credit: A View of Type Design, Boston, 1986

Daniel Berkeley Updike, Printing Types, Their History, Forms, and Use, New York, 1980

and Renault's suggestions are here