uring the 1970s, when I was travelling all over the place playing the dulcimer, visiting other players, collecting material for my doctor's thesis on the instrument, I picked up any dulcimers and related instruments that were available and affordable. Some of them I played, some of them I showed in exhibitions now and then, some just were there - each has its special story...

But it's been many years now since anyone even saw most of them: they're really not relevant to what I'm doing these days, and it would make much more sense for each them to be with someone who cares about it.

There are three British dulcimers, three dulcimers from other parts of the world, and three zithers: details are in these pages.

As far as the practicalities are concerned, they're at my forest farm in the north of Sweden, conveniently located for anyone visitng the North Cape or joining the European Ministers' meeting at Saame Jokkmokk: but I'm in England between 30th March and 8th April, at the SEAL Conference and Halsway Manor, and I can bring in the car those which people have expressed interest in.

I don't have a fixed idea about price: I'm open to suggestions which reflect some kind of current value, tempered by what the buyer can realistically afford. The main thing is that the insturments go to a home where they're appreciated.

The strings are all at least 25 years old: but traditional players have played on strings far older than that.

David Kettlewell


Contact via e-mail: david@new-renaissance.net