- mediaeval & renaissance: love songs praising the distant lady and song of praise to the virgin Mary, conjuring up the high vaults and the colourful wall-paintings of the mediæval church where David plays every day in the summer

- Irish folk music and the compositions of Turlough Carolan: captures the essential flavour of the Emerald Isle in the era when every nobleman had his minstrel, and the harper travelled from castle to castle on horseback

- the Hebridean songs that David grew up hearing his mother sing, her personal haven in the hard post-war years

- folk songs to join in: every English coach trip ends up with a good old sing-song with simple repeated lines and catchy choruses that everyone can be part of

A workshop or school visit is very informal, talking in dialogue with the participants, it might be in a hall with a lot of people together, or just one group or class in their normal room: David might do a little 'exposé' of what happens when you play, showing how you can build up a piece from improvising over a bass, or starting with a melody and adding simple harmonies and then accompaniment figures:, or just freely playing what you feel: the exact form varies depending on how active people want to be, what they're interested in, what they have done before ... We would normally end up with singing together to the harp.