Sound recordings in mp3 format to listen on-line or download, for computer, iPhone or iPod

The recording quality varies since some recordings were made with pro DAT audio, some with a semi-pro video-camera, some with a consumer video-camera

Kilkenny Races & Rothbury Hills

Si Bheag, Si Mohr

English songs to listen to

Tallow Candles

English songs to sing with

"One Man Shall Mow My Meadow"

Clawhammer style
Shoemaker's Wedding March
Swedish Folk music

"Vem kan segla förutan vind" ('Who can sail without any wind?')

with the audience at the Stockholm Harp Centre
Rosa das rosas, Alfonso el Sabo
- dances
Lady Rich's Galliard and Mistress Winter's Jumpe, John Dowland
- improvisations on songs
'Now O Now I needs must part', John Dowland
- songs to the harp
'Turn Amaryllis', Thomas Bennet
- improvisations on a ground
Alman, Thomas Morley