Sound recordings in mp3 format to listen on-line or download, for computer, iPhone or iPod

- first single tracks, then suites from 26 to 68 minutes

The recording quality varies since some recordings were made with DAT audio, some with a semi-pro video-camera, some with a consumer video-camera

improvising Leaf-Sea 1

improvising Leaf-Sea 2


Rosa das rosas - gothic harp

Renaissance: dances

Cassandra, Saraband, Johannes Placketts


Lady Sand's Delight (another version)

Mr. Porter's Delight (another version)

Renaissance: improvisations on songs improvisation, "Come Again" John Dowland 'Now O Now I needs must part', John Dowland
Renaissance: songs to the harp

Såsom efter vattnet kalla


Tant que vivray


Turn Amaryllis

Though I am yong
Renaissance: improvisations on a ground Thomas Morley - Alman Pass'e mezo moderno An Italian Ground 
Kilkenny Races & Rothbury Hills

Si Bheag, Si Mohr


Professor Blackie

English songs to listen to

Tallow Candles


English songs to sing with


"One Man shall Mow my Meadow"& "The Dark Island"


Clawhammer style
Shoemaker's Wedding March
Swedish Folk music

Vendela's Christmas song

CD: A Sonnet of Strings

is with harp, zither & guitars

- improvisations based on renaissance models
- for relaxation and learning

CD: In a Cottage in a Wood

is with voices & instruments

- traditional songs for learning English, and just for fun