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David Kettlewell & LofsjoMusiquen

Well, it's not new to lots of people, but I let the whole thing mature in the cask a bit before rushing out to taste it...

But it seems very nice, stable, pretty well universal, free... and reduces files to 10% of their basic size, still with CD quality, and without demanding the very latest computer...

Now there are alternatives like MEPG4, AAC, Ogg-Vorbis etc.

click on a miniature picture...

An Italian Grownde



The building of Ytterlennes church, c.1200
440 K

A well-loved dance, the pass'e mezzo
810 K

Thinking in chords, thinking in parts:
Tant que vivray
475 K

Four notes - F-Bb-C-F
550 K

From deepest Devon: Tallow Candles
1.2 Mb

A Swedish summer wedding-march: Till Budom och sommarens glädje - a village band with two fiddles, clarinet, accordion, guitar & bass.
Well, actually, it's David playing six tracks on his new synthesiser - 870 K


One of my mother's favourites: One man shall mow my meadow
120 K

RECORDED by Kjell Persson

EDITED on a Mac
Alberto Ricci's wonderful Soundmaker

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