"It's not healthy to
avoid conflicts"

David Kettlewell

interviewed in the Estonian daily newspaper
26th October 1996

by Katrin Ärm

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Unusual ideas - a man of feelings

A Renaissance man

A happy seeker

Always thought about children

Erica, his co-thinker

Bread & cheese and an international waste-basket paper

Soul and mind were happy in Norway


"...accepting the female side of himself" - Dagmar
"...a new adventure under every layer" - Lonny Gold
"...he gives you lots of self-confidence" - Tiina, Kai-Riin, Eva, Helen
"...he has a lot to giv
e" - Raho Langsepp
"...he has kept the sincerity of a child" - Aasa Must

Some photos by Vambola Salupuu