Musica Humana -

music as a model for human harmony

"The music we hear with our ears is only one of three kinds - that is musica instrumentalis,  the music of 'instruments' (the voice is counted in there, too), and the other two are musica mundana,  the harmony of the spheres, and musica humana,  human harmony.

"It is the concord of two conflicting parts, the soul and the body: and everyone who descends into himself will find this harmony within himself."

(Boëthius, c.500)


It applies within a person: and it applies between two or three people who come together, it might be to sing, to play, to make bread, to discuss a budget - different needs to be fulfilled, different ideas about what's important.

We have to first recognise the difference, the dissonance, to be able to find the consonance. Harmony isn't the absence of conflict, but the resolution of recognised dissonance into a constructive whole.

Musica Humana