Educating the whole Person

"Aasa goose,
lend me your wings"

Remember learning a language in school?

40 to a class maybe, mostly one person holding a monologue, the others all facing him or her, their backs to those behind, read the passage in the book, run through the grammar, learn the new words for homework, test next morning...

How does a child learn a new language?

Relaxed atmosphere, one-to-one contact, moving around, lots of encouragement and confirmation that things were understandable, games, songs, dancing, stories old and new, use the new words while having fun.

It can be like that again: discovering the child within the adult, allowing for blocks and earlier bad experiences, using the many sides of a person, creating a supportive learning group.

It can be called whole-person teaching & learning: integrative learning: suggestopedia - it doesn't matter: what matters is it's fun, and you get talking your new language... Showing teachers how to do it has taken me to deepest Russia, Pacific Seattle, exotic Argentina. Hard work. But lots of fun.

Whole-person Education - overview

Swedish association for whole-person education - SOHL

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