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The Management of a Scarce Resource

David Kettlewell

"IF I ONLY HAD TEN HOURS MORE EACH WEEK..." exclaimed a friend, in an anguish of guilt and self-recrimination at not having written for several months. "I just didn't have the time" is another version you hear pretty often, as if time were something one sometimes had, and sometimes didn't have, like money to spend: or as if Time were a being with a will of his own, some-whiles stretching himself out and allowing lots of things to be done, other-whiles, all according to his fancy, drawing himself in and - cackling maliciously to himself like Rumpelstiltskin - calling a halt before the wretched humans have accomplished all the tasks they have been set..

Lots of people seem to derive a degree of comfort from blaming their troubles on a force outside of themselves, some greater power over which they have no control - Providence, Bureaucracy, Dyslexia or Time: and if that comfort is enough to satisfy your own needs, then you need read no further here.